Shanghai Interrogation [CORTEZ]

Shanghai Interrogation

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Shanghai Interrogation
by Cortez. All rights reserved.



‘No, no please… mercy… not there, pleeeese not there, ple….Iiiiiiiaaaaah!’

Ropes creaked and the splayed figure hanging between the thick posts arched and surged in another spasm of agony as the carefully heated rod touched the wrinkled brown rosette of her anus for the second time.

‘Where is he…? Where did he go…? Tell me or it will be worse… my men have barely started yet…’

The woman lifted her head; eyes glazed with agony and the strain of her bonds and stared at the man who’d spoken. ‘Regret Master, cannot help, I do not know answers you seek…’

Colonel Lui of the Shanghai Militia nodded, his flat, impassive features studying the woman’s naked body like a surgeon. She had been bound with exquisite care, first, her wrists crossed and bound tightly behind her back then ropes wrapped round her upper arms linking them together and forcing her shoulder blades back. Finally, the careful suspension, lifting her into the air but making sure her weight was spread between the ropes binding arms and wrists. Of course, she’d cried a little when they first hoisted her into the air, but then women usually did as they finally understood the kind of agony to come as the ropes began their cruel work.

She’d cried even more as his men bent her knees, spreading her legs wide apart and lifting each ankle shoulder high before binding it against one of the thick wooden pillars. Finally the humiliation of more ropes round her knees, holding them bent up towards and also tied to the pillars so she seemed to be sitting in mid air, splayed open and helpless.

Only in her early twenties the woman was young and fit with a beautiful figure, although now her smooth, pale creamy skin was blotched and marked with the weals and bruises of her first beating at the hands of the soldiers some three hours before.

Deliberately, the colonel’s men had left her able to move a little, just enough to be able to react for their pleasure… although every twist and jerk brought fresh, throbbing pain to her joints and the places where the ropes cut into her flesh.

Colonel Lui’s domain was a place of careful, obscene agony. The heavy, carved beams and thick pillars were all painted the same, dull scarlet, broken only by gilded symbols and motifs at the top of each pillar. Hanging bulbs in dirty white enamelled shades cast pools of light onto the ancient stone floor slabs leaving the edges of the chamber and the roof above in deep shadow. A bluish haze of smoke rising from the braziers and bowls of charcoal on their metal stands added to the cloying, sticky heat.

Ropes and cords hung in carefully tied hanks next to racks holding bamboo and rattan canes of different lengths and thicknesses. On tables against the walls were the other tools and devices used by the colonel and his men; the different metal implements and probes, some slim, some thick and rounded, but most made of brass or copper for quicker heating in the coals. Behind them the longer, thicker copper rods, their ends domed and shaped in the likeness of an erect penis for the slower and more deliberate torture of a woman.

Only just visible in the gloom stood other, larger items; the stocks and restraint stools, the whipping frames and the thick upright bamboo stakes each one cut to a diagonal point that a prisoner could be lowered onto with such exquisite care. On another table were the colonel’s special tools; long nosed pliers, razor sharp blades and forceps, and the lacquered boxes of polished bamboo slivers and sets of gleaming metal needles he used for applying precise, delicate agony to the most sensitive places.

For the moment the colonel was content to use a single metal probe, now coming up to heat again over a small bowl of glowing charcoal. Naturally, he did not wish the carefully shaped copper rod to become too hot. Just enough heat to glaze the skin and bring the maximum sensation from every screaming nerve, but without causing real damage. He leaned closer, studying the trembling flesh and the way the woman’s anus was constantly flexing and clenching like a little mouth as she tried to ride the throbbing pain of those first agonising touches from the copper rod.

‘Again… a little way inside this time…,’

He held finger and thumb apart showing his uniformed assistant what was wanted. There was a soft ‘sssss’ as the man wiped the probe’s end with a damp cloth, carefully removing any trace of soot or ash before moving between the woman’s bent and splayed legs. Head shaking in useless, silent denial, she craned forwards, mouth wide in horror… feeling the heat from the copper rod on her inner thighs…

‘No, master, no…. please noooo!’

Colonel Lui nodded, ‘Alas, yes…,’ and the young man lifted the tip towards the sore, swollen rosette of her anus. As the rounded end touched her flesh he gently turned the shaft and pushed it inwards. The woman convulsed, her hips arching up so she actually lifted herself inches higher in the air as the blazing agony seared through her anus and rectum. The man’s skill kept the heated metal embedded inside the woman’s body despite her spasms, his wrist rocking gently to and fro to maximise the effect of the torture on the delicate inner membranes of her anal opening.

‘Iiiiiiih… yaaaaaaarrrrgh! Pleeeeesssssseee!’

For almost a minute the woman bucked and squirmed madly, impaled on the end of the heated probe whilst her cries and pleas rang unanswered round the chamber. From the shadows other men, the senior militia officers and government officials who took their private pleasures by watching Colonel Lui at work on suspected enemies of the State, looked on approvingly.

The watchers’ breathing grew faster, eyes gleaming in the dimness with hot arousal and excitement as they drank in the sight of a helpless young woman writhing and squealing. Behind her back they could see her hands clenching and unclenching continuously, her hips bucking in a frantic agonising rhythm as she rode the air, fucking the torturing rod that was delicately flaying her anus raw.

‘Enough, comrade Chen…’ The woman continued her demented bucking frenzy even after the guard removed the copper rod and placed it back on the grill to warm once more. He bowed respectfully and stepped back knowing that his skill had won his master’s unspoken approval.

Waiting until the woman was still, apart from the rapid rise and fall of her breasts and her gasping, sobbing breaths, Colonel Lui leaned closer to observe the effect of the copper rod. The puckered dark brown rosette was now taut and shiny, the rim swollen like a circular pouting lip and weeping a clear fluid. He allowed himself a brief smile of enjoyment and touched her anus with his right forefinger…


Despite her scream the woman could not prevent him sliding his finger deeper, rubbing and fretting against the raw, flayed ring and the inner membranes of her rectum. He lifted her chin with the fingers of his other hand. ‘Perhaps we have helped your memory to return a little…’ he coaxed, finger sliding in and out to increase her torment with every touch, ‘well?’ The woman didn’t reply, but her downcast eyes and stubbornly closed lips were all the answer needed. ‘A foolish choice… for you, but one that will give me much pleasure, ’

He leaned closer to the core of the woman’s body, studying the split oval of her cunt. This one was full lipped, the bulging outer labia almost black against the creamy whiteness of her thighs. Trimmed black hair fringed the upper arc of the pouting lips, the colour emphasising the vivid contrast between the dark outer lips and the moist, startling pink inner flesh. This was the moment he loved, increasing the woman’s mental agony as he kept her waiting… her body shivering with growing terror knowing that the careful, expert torture of her genitals was about to begin.

The finger and thumb Colonel Lui’s left hand gently parted the deep pink inner lips, a caressing touch that brought a shuddering indrawn breath from the woman and made her crane forwards once more to stare, wide-eyed with fear, at the intimate folds of her own body. The rope ties creaked as his right forefinger stroked the hooded tip of her clitoris and the woman gasped and bucked, her breath racing terror as that caress told her where the agony was to be applied next.

‘Such pleasure…’ the finger stroked to and fro expertly bringing the pink nub to full erection, ‘even now…’ The colonel pushed the fleshy hood back and let his nail scrape across the taut, shiny tip of the clitoris itself so the woman gasped with a different kind of ecstasy and involuntarily rocked her hips to increase the stimulation. ‘But you are not here for your pleasure are you…?’ The nail pressed inwards, twisting and turning so she arched up in pain once more.

‘Nah…Naaaaaaaah, ah, aaaaarrrgggghh!’

‘Comrade Chang, very gently…just a touch… against her pearl… let us see how strong this one’s will really is…’ Again there was the soft hiss of cloth on metal as his young assistant cleaned the copper rod. This time the colonel helped, using the fingers of both hands to spread the woman’s moist inner lips revealing every fold in a gaping pink oval of flesh. He carefully adjusted his grip, the finger and thumb of his left hand at the top of her slit, parting her labia so her clitoris jutted out fully exposed. ‘Stroke across the tip, Chang, a fleeting kiss no more…’


‘Oh, oh, oh, Yeeeeeeeeeeaaarrrrgghhh!’

Colonel Lui kept the woman’s cunt spread open as she surged madly in her bonds. ‘Again, Comrade…’ he said softly and the heated copper rod stroked the woman’s clitoris for a second time.


They both stepped back hastily as a thin stream of liquid arched out from the woman’s cunt to splash on the stone flags beneath her dangling body. ‘Excellent, Comrade, excellent…a fine response’, he studied the quivering figure for a few moments longer then gently reached forwards to cup the full globe of her left breast. His thumb flicked and rolled the large, dark red nipple, a slow deliberate rhythm that made it rouse and stiffen into a blunt peak.

‘What would you suggest now, comrade…how would you proceed?’

Chang bowed, thinking hard. The Colonel was truly a torture master and such questions were not to be answered without care. ‘Her pearl, Master, continue stroking her pearl and then… perhaps her deep valley? He used a careful euphemism for the woman’s vagina but the meaning was clear.

‘Such haste, remember there must be time for the subject to appreciate each different sensation to the full,’ the colonel chided. ‘And do not forget to let a subject’s own body enhance your work.’ He lifted one hand towards the trembling figure in the rope cradle. ‘Of course we will attend to her pearl most carefully…in time. She knows what is to come…but think how much more she will feel the rod’s heat when the flesh is already raw and swollen.

His thumb continued rolling the hard, rubbery tip of the woman’s breast. ‘She knows I will use the rod again, her only concern is where it will touch next.’ He lifted his other hand and began caressing her other nipple watching and waiting for the woman to gather her strength. He saw her head moving from side to side, mouth slack with pain and her eyes staring down as she studied the blunt, manicured fingers milking her tender teats to aching hardness. A thin, cruel smile touched his lips.

‘Ah yes…you are ready for me now. Comrade Chang, see if the touch of the rod against these eager peaks here will loosen her tongue a little more…’

‘Master, n-no, no, p-please n-noooo…I do not know, truly…you must believe I speak the truth…’

The words tumbled out as her eyes darted from side to side trying to watch the colonel’s fingers toying with her nipples as well as Chan’s careful preparation of the copper rod. The colonel stepped aside and the woman let out a rising wail of despair. Chang lifted her right breast, holding it cupped gently in one hand so the nipple jutted out. He paused, capturing her full attention, and then carefully stroked the rod’s rounded end, the reddish metal now dark and discoloured with heat, across the stiff rubbery peak.

‘ih…ih…ih….ih…IH! Iiiiiiiaaaaah…Iiiiiiiiiaaaaarrrggghhh!’

At first the sounds were a high, gasping chant as the woman tried to cope with this new agony searing into her breasts, but Chang continued stroking the burning metal along the full length of her nipple, touching the wrinkled skin again and again so all control disappeared and the chants merged into a wordless squeal of agony.

Indifferent to such sounds, the colonel’s young assistant concentrated hard on his task, working round every part of the woman’s out thrust nipple, the hot copper rod searing and lifting the delicate skin to leave the whole, nerve-rich stub weeping, flayed and raw.

At last he released her breast and she was allowed to slump in her bonds, chest heaving with the effort of bringing her breathing back under some kind of control. There was no mercy in allowing her a respite…just the practical need to ensure the rod was reheated ready to apply the same flaying agony to her left breast.

‘I know, such pain…all these special places are so sensitive…but then I cannot allow you to remain stubborn, can I…?’ Colonel Lui looked into the woman’s eyes, noting the spark of defiance that still burned despite the torture. ‘Watch again…you are honoured to receive such skilled attention from one so young…’ The woman lifted her head to the darkness above the lights, screaming in pain and terror as Chang lifted her left breast and she felt the approaching heat of the copper rod once more.

With the flaying of her other nipple the woman’s stoical resistance was finally broken… Colonel Lui listened impassively as she betrayed her lover and his secret refuge. In her gabbling confession she also revealed that the man’s twenty-nine year old sister and her maid, both now being sought by the authorities, were hiding there as well. Sobbing and still writhing in pain the woman’s hoarse voice finally dribbled into silence, her body limp between the scarlet torture posts.

‘Rest… whilst I arrange for your information to be checked,’ the colonel murmured smiling as he saw her body relaxing at his words. ‘Then we must see what else you have to tell us…’

‘Noooooooooooooooo! No, you promised, the name, you wanted the names, you promised…!’

‘Of course I wanted the names…but I never promised we would stop… No, my dear…we have only just begun to play with all this delightful flesh you have to show us. ‘Now let us continue…Comrade Chang, bring me the larger of the lacquered boxes.’

The woman jerked and threshed uselessly, crying and screaming in protest whilst sweat rolled down her naked skin. The drops trickled into the creases of her groin before dripping onto the floor, adding to the wetness already pooled beneath her. Both men ignored the frantic woman completely, Chang busy placing the things his master would need on a small black tray whilst Colonel Lui moved a wooden stool between her outstretched thighs and made himself comfortable.

‘See, Comrade it is as I said…notice how the flesh has risen here…’ his finger feathered across the taut, shiny bulb of her clitoris and the woman bucked squealed, ‘and here.’ The finger traced down the wet slot of her cunt, bringing out another bucking squeal as he touched the swollen ring of her anus. He paused, studying the contractions of her body for long moments then held out one hand, ‘the bristle brush I think to begin with.’

Chang bobbed and handed his master the small brush. Shaped much like a toothbrush it was made of carved ivory. The head was long and thin set along its length with sharp, springy bristles taken from a wild boar. Even on hardened skin those bristles scratched and scraped painfully, as Chang knew from cleaning the brush after other torture sessions, but when applied to flesh already scorched and flayed raw…

Colonel Lui held the woman’s labia apart and brought the brush down, raking the bristles across the blistered swollen bulb with a long slow movement. For a few seconds the woman didn’t react at all, then her mouth opened in a gaping circle, her back arched against the ropes and a single, screech of pure agony ripped through the chamber. The colonel waited calmly until that first long exhalation ended and she was just beginning to breathe in then swept the viciously bristled head back, quite slowly across the raw tip of her clitoris.

Again the pause then more screams filled the air. Working with diabolical skill the colonel continued the torture, scraping the raw nerves again and again; each touch making the woman surge up and down like a demented puppet, quite heedless of the fiery pain in her arms and wrists.

Naaaaagggh! Naaah, nnnnggggh! Gaaarrrrgggggghhh!

Finally he noted with a tinge of disappointment that the cries were not quite as shrill and piercing as they had been and handed the little brush, the bristles now coated with blood and mucus to Chang. In turn he offered his master the small lacquered box, waiting patiently for him to select the particular fire-hardened bamboo slivers he would use next.

‘Always listen to the screams comrade Chang… they will guide you to the point that gives the most exquisite agony…’ He held up one of the four inch long slivers, ‘observe…’

‘C-c-c-c-can’t d-d-do t-t-that, no, Master, p-p-please, I’ve told you ple… Iiiiiiih! Aaaaaaah…aaaaaaah…aaaaaaah…

The needle point touched the very tip of the woman’s raw clitoris as she pleaded then. Her head craned forwards again, eyes fixed on the colonel’s fingers as he held the sliver against her nub. She drew a single shuddering breath, trying to hold back her screams of agony as he gently rotated the bamboo splint…working it carefully deep into the meat of her clitoris.

Colonel Lui smiled to himself as the outraged gasps of agony became louder and more intense. He stopped, listening to the sounds, watching her muscles tensing and shivering with strain making the raw tips of her breasts vibrate and jiggle enticingly just in front of his eyes. The gasping chants became quieter and the colonel moved his fingers turning the embedded sliver very delicately within her flesh, probing and seeking one precise point until…


Every muscle in the woman’s body snapped bar-taut, sinews showing like wire beneath her skin as a single bolt of pain engulfed her. ‘You hear comrade Chang… let her screams guide you. Now the merest touch will…’ His fingers turned and pushed the jutting bamboo splint a fraction and the woman convulsed again, unable to control her reaction as the sharpened splinter tortured the nerve centre deep within her clitoris.

For five minutes the colonel kept returning the woman to that screaming peak of pain. No words, no real effort, just that relentless, probing sliver deep within the nub of her clitoris bringing her to a screaming frenzy with each skilful movement of the master torturer’s wrist. Finally, unable to stand any more, the woman gave a strangled moan and passed out, her head lolling forwards so a thin trickle of saliva drooled from her gaping mouth to fall in strands across the creamy swell of her breasts.

‘Give her five minutes, then bring her round… we have plenty of time with this one…’ Colonel Lui stretched and stood up. In the darkness teeth gleamed as the others smiled and nodded their appreciation. Of course, young Chang didn’t know that it was one of those generals, now watching silently from the darkness, who had given Colonel Lui such precise instructions earlier on. Just as neither Chang, nor the woman herself, knew that the man, his sister and the maidservant she’d finally been forced to betray had been in Colonel Lui’s hands since yesterday.

No, this was a matter of revenge. The woman hanging between the posts had been foolish enough to insult the general by laughing as she rejected his advances. It was a foolish misjudgement on her part. The General was one of Colonel Lui’s best providers of a ready supply of young and attractive material on which he could exercise his particular skills; the general was in a strong position to seek a favour.

He had wanted her to suffer… more importantly he had wanted to see her suffer. What better solution than to have her arrested and condemned as a political prisoner, ready in due course for the colonel’s agonising attentions. Since the woman was young and attractive it was giving Colonel Lui great pleasure to ensure the general’s revenge was both long and exquisitely painful. Besides, Colonel Lui had special plans for the other woman and the maidservant… torture did not always have to be applied directly and having two women together offered interesting possibilities.

Naaaaaaaah! Hah, aaaaaaah hah…p-p-pleeessssee!’

The spluttering, anguished cries told the colonel that Chang was following orders. First a jug of cold water thrown against her face to bring the woman round then a gentle tapping against the jutting end of the bamboo sliver still impaling her clitoris to get her full attention.

Settling himself on the stool Colonel Lui held out his hand and Chang offered the tray, the lacquered box already open. ‘Now let us hear how your singing voice has improved,’ the colonel said stroking the under curve of the woman’s breasts with his finger tips, ‘you may choose which side to begin…left, or right?

‘No, no please, leave me alone, please, please don’t touch me…’

‘The left then, are you ready?’ The colonel smiled into her terrified staring eyes then both looked down to where her left breast was cradled in his hand. The raw, weeping tip now swollen to twice its normal size jutting proudly out of the dark, untouched circle of her aureole as though inviting more attention.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh, n-n-noooo, ih, ih, ih, p-p-p-please, PLEESSSSE…!’

Her frantic cries became louder as he scratched the fire-hardened tip of the splint across the raw surface of her nipple. The flesh of her breast bulged through the fingers of his other hand as he gripped the soft globe tighter, holding her still as he circled and caressed the swollen tip with diabolical skill.

‘Such foolish noises…’ he murmured touching the point to the very tip, pressing in fractionally so the flesh dented and the woman writhed in awful anticipation, knowing what was about to happen. He was holding the tapered sliver with surgical precision between forefinger and thumb. The woman’s eyes bulged with horror as she watched the finger move, rolling the rounded shaft against the pad of his thumb so the bamboo needle slid deep into her left nipple.


The high, animal squeal rose and fell in volume as the colonel pushed the bamboo sliver deeper into the nerve-rich meat. Just as before his movements were careful and precise, a gentle pressure and the slow deliberate rotation of the rounded shaft to ensure that the woman was lifted to another blazing peak of agony. With almost an inch of the yellowish splint skewering the full length of her flayed nipple the colonel sat back and watched the little wooden stick dancing and bobbing as the woman shuddered and bucked in yet another futile attempt to ride the agony of the bamboo torture.

Ten minutes later she was near total collapse from the agony of having the third sliver inserted slowly into the full length of her right nipple. She hung from the ropes with her head swaying from side to side. For the watchers in the shadows it seemed as though she was studying the three little yellow sticks jutting from the sexual trigger points of her body. Two sticking out from the peaks of her breasts, the third jutting up from the top of that gleaming pink gash between the dark, black-furred lips of her cunt.

‘You wonder why I have left the bamboo needles in place, comrade Chang?’

‘Yes, I mean no, I…I… this humble servant does not understand, Master….’

‘Your honesty does you credit, comrade Chang. Bring me a single chopstick and all will be made clear to you.’

‘A single chopstick master?’ Chang bowed in bewilderment as he hurried to obey.

Holding the slim bamboo rod in his right hand, Colonel Lui lifted the woman’s head, fingers gently cupping her chin. He looked into her pain glazed eyes. ‘There are others, other names…tell me who they are…’

‘N-n-n-no o-o-others, M-m-master…mercy, please mercy…’

‘A reminder then…’ Very gently the colonel tapped the protruding end of the bamboo needle jutting from the woman’s clitoris.

Tap…tap…tap…tap…tap… in a deliberate, relentless rhythm…


With each tap the woman jerked as though an electric current was surging through her body. She threshed wildly, mouth stretched wide as the little wooden stick jarred the embedded bamboo needle so the point scratched and fretted against the tortured nerve endings with every gentle blow.

‘You see, comrade Chang… a little longer and she will tell everything we wish to know.’ The colonel rose to his feet and handed his assistant the single chopstick. ‘Leave her pearl for the moment… try against the other needles in turn… against the side at first then see how she reacts when you tap the end of the needle…’ He turned away and then looked back. ‘Remember, Chang, gently, always gently…’

Colonel Lui allowed himself a further brief smile of satisfaction as he walked to where the general waited in the shadows. Behind him the rhythmic, squealing sounds from the woman rose and echoed round the chamber, completely drowning out the regular tapping noise of the little wooden stick…

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