Peachy Keen Films – Liar Cheater Bitch

Peachy Keen Films – Liar Cheater Bitch

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Ginger and Tessa
Directed by JohnM

Jenna and her boyfriend are making out and soon she has MaxxxТs stiff cock in her mouth. She preoccupies his hard member with her mouth getting him fully nude while keeping her clothes on. When he tries to push things forward and get her naked too, she refuses and he nearly tries to force her but decides to just leave, angry.

After Jenna is sure her distraught hubby is gone, she signals as if to no-one in the empty room, but soon the curtain is pulled aside by her sexy loverЕ A woman. The two donТt spare much time before giggling and gasping their way into the throws of sapphic sexual pleasure. Jenna and the woman make out as Jenna removes her visitors shirt. She lovingly kisses her large breasts and puts her on her back taking off her shorts. She spreads her loverТs legs and taste her pussy, licking her clit just how she likes it, her own ass and pussy in the air. The pair take turns before her lover pulls out a sexy strap on and puts it on. She pushes the large dong into Jenna and fucks her as orgasms roll over her.

As the two cuddle post coitally, Maxxx comes in gun in hand, and eyes narrowed towards his dyke girlfriend and her lover. You wanted a dick just not mine!? He shouts as he raises the gun. Jenna tries to defend her lover but when she ducks from the gun fire, her lover is shot twice in the chest dropping to the floor, dead. Jenna begs Maxxx to just fuck her and desperately tries to entice him, spreading her legs wide. As she lays on the bed, Maxxx declines and assures her he will as he fires two rounds into her chest. The pair lay silent and unmoving as the bullet wounds drain the blood from their body.

He pulls the two onto the bed and makes one fondle the otherТs pussy as he suckles on the breast of a corpse. Opening a mouth, he gets a nasty necro blowjob, pumping her breathless throat. He pulls JennaТs body to the edge of the bed and fucks her, pulling her lover on top of her body. Fucking these lesbians puts his cock in a rage and his balls tighten as he pulls out and smatters their bodies with his cum.

Fetish Elements:аExplicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Shooting, Blowjob, Lesbian, Cuckold, Lesbian Pussy Licking, Breast Fondling, Lesbian Kissing, Strap On, Orgasms, Multi Girl, Begging, Pleading, Necro Fuck, Body Pile, Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views..

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