Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Truth Or Death

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Truth Or Death

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Gun Fun, Bagging, Nude Sexy

Description: Three girls and the guy play «Truth or Dare» game. During they share their fantasies they open strange world of death fetish fantasies and stabbing sexual fetishes. Girls want to be stabbed like pigs in their last sexual game…

As a customer with a great consensual belly stabbing fetish, it is I very hard to see my fantasies well transposed in a custom video production. In my long “career” of customer, I ordered a lot videos from different studios, but only few productions have understood my desires and realized them in a video. One of these studios is certainly Dark Room SPR. This is my first custom video from them, but it will not be the last of course. After to have watched this amazing video, the first thing I said was: why I did not buy a custom production from them before?
The movie is simply magic; the girls, besides to be beautiful and terribly sexy, are very good in acting, in fact, I could catch the flirting and the eroticism in the dialogues (thanks to their facial expression, body movement, gestures, etc.) even if the spoken language is Russian (with English subtitles) -and I did not speak Russian of course-.
Pola was the sexiest actress for what about the flirting and the “preliminaries” before her “grand final”; her death was very sexy of course, but certainly Juliana’s death was sexier than her.
Juliana did her character very well, she switched from the scared and shiny girl to the compliant (even if she is still scared) sexy naked woman who asked to be killed softly so masterful.
And Nata, what I can say about her? She is the sluttiest girl of the video, a real whore (as the male actor said), and she was very good as well.
For what about the male actor, I think his name is Kit, he made a good job: teasing the girl’s body, stabbing them, and wow… the gutting of Nata, so fucking gorgeous! The best gutting scene of ever!

Very well done Dark Room SPR! I hope the next videos will be as hot as this one or even better!


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