Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Red Bag

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Red Bag

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Gun Fun, Bagging, Nude Sexy

Description: Taya worked as a personal assistant for a rich businessman. Boss has full confidence in her. Today she has responsible assignment: to get a large sum of cash from bank. She comes to a hotel room with a red bag full of cash.

For suspicion she chose a cheap hotel on the outskirts of the city. She undresses and puts on the white shirt. She has a free time. Meeting with collectors will be only tomorrow. What should she do alone in her room? She is talks with the boss on the phone and says everything is fine. The only thing that bothers her is a strange man who seems to be stalking her from the bank to the hotel. Then she relaxes in anticipation of a good premium. She is young and beautiful. Soon she will be career and sweet life. In the sweet oblivion she begins to fondle himself and masturbate.

She was quite relaxed and was not thinking about anything bad, enjoying her young body. But in vain! The strange man was not a game of her imagination. And he stalked her, and now he’s here in the room. He is looking at her fondling her pussy, and he is already holding a gun at the ready. He took her by surprise, right at the peak of orgasm. She is scared to death.

She believes that he just take the bag and leave, because all he wants is money! At gunpoint, he takes her to the living room, but after receiving the bag, he is in no hurry to leave. She squeezed into a corner. She does not want to die young, she is not ready to die.

She uses her feminine erotic charms fits close to him, stroking his gun, trying to tune up with him, touching his penis. But really the culprit, in whose hands one million dollars in cash, would risk for sexual body young bitch? He pushes her on the sofa, she realizes in horror that it was the end. He shoots her in the chest three times. She lost her mind from this inhuman pain, incompatible with life. In terrible agony she slides to the floor. She is still alive, understands everything he sees and hears, but in a state of shock, pain, and turns into a helpless dying body.

The killer takes barely alive woman on his hands and carries into the bathroom. He puts her in the bath, directs a gun at her. She did not ask for help, awareness of death has arrived. Pain and suffering overlap fear and lust for life. She looks at him piteously for the last time, unconsciously hoping that a miracle will happen, he would spare her, and it will have time to save. She can not believe that her young life was already over. He shoots her in the chest one last time. At this time, deadly. Head falls on the shoulders, eyes closed. Her dead body limp lies at the bottom of the bath. Thais are no more, her young juicy corpse. Offender includes water in the shower. Water makes her body wet and spreads over the bath red stains.

Fetish elements: legs, feet, blood, wet dead body in the bath, body carrying, surprised, female masturbation, shooting in chest, topless, sexy underwear, undressing and dressing.


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