Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Doctor Appointment

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Doctor Appointment

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Gun Fun, Bagging, Nude Sexy

Description: A more compliant doctor appointment!
The time came around again for 18 year old April Nylonovia’s doctor appointment. Her 40 year old mother Malina Nylonovia went with her so that afterwards they could spend the rest of the day at the mall. April had on black tight leggins with flat shoes and a white tank top. Malina had on a white tank top shirt, grey skirt, black colored pantyhose, black bra, and black strappy heels. Sadly that day April wasn’t going to be getting Dr. Feathria. She was going to have to see Dr. Dickima! Dr. Feathria wasn’t able to come in that day. Sadly she was lying on top of her bed. Nude with her legs spread wide. Her tan colored hose wrapped around her throat. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. He was her boyfriend and he was also a doctor. One day he just snapped I guess.

The doctor’s appointment: April and her mother arrived at the doctor’s office at Carpenter Hosptial. Dr. Dickima came out to the waiting room and called out April’s name. He said “hello I’m Dr. Dickima. It’s nice to meet you April.” April asked where is Dr. Feathria?” he replied “oh Dr. Feathria came down with the nasty flue. She is sick in bed.” Malina said “I’m going to hit the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. Don’t worry you will be in and out before you know it sweetie.” When they went inside the exam room, he closed the door and locked it. He told her to put on the exam gown as he went to the computer to look up her medical file. April started to undress till she has just her panties on. Then she put on the exam gown and sat on the exam bed. He then said “just lie down on the exam bed and just relax.” He then said “oh before we begin. I need you to take off your underwear ok? Yes I’m a guy but I’m also a doctor. I have seen a million vaginas. Don’t worry.” She then said “ok.” She then proceeded to take off her panties. Her young and innocent pussy was now exposed to the sadistic killer. Sadly she was unaware of what had done and was going to do! He then said “ok we are done with this part of the exam He then took out a syringe and replied “sorry my dear. I prefer you necro now. To enjoy posing your nude body! He quickly grabbed hold of her head. Put his hand over mouth just in case she screamed and stuck the needle into her temple and injected an air bubble into her eye. Her death was clean and quick. Her eyes rolled back into her head and there was a couple death twitches in her feet. Then she was limp. He let go of her head. She lied there lifeless. He then said “well time for your hot mom to join us for some more fun. He then went into her purse to grab her cell phone to send a text message to her mom’s phone for her to come to the exam room. The nurses and everyone else was unaware of what was going on in that exam room of horror.

Malina read her daughters text message and left the cafeteria to go to the exam room. When she reached the exam room door it was closed of course. She knocked on the door and then it opened up for her. As she slowly walked into the room she dropped her purse and say there in shock. The door closed from behind.
A half hour later he walked out of the exam room. Malina didn’t! He quickly left the hospital and was not heard of till he was caught. A nurse went to go see what was going on in the exam room and when she opened the door she immediately fainted onto the floor. April was lying on the floor nude with her sexy Mexican legs spread. Eyes rolled back into her head. Malina was lying on the floor next to her daughter. With just her tan colored pantyhose on. His belt was tightly wrapped around her throat! Her eyes rolled back into her head. Dried up tear drops that smudged up her eye shadow. Scratch marks from her black strappy heels was also visible on the floor from the struggle that she gave when he wrapped his belt around her soft beautiful throat. If her heels didn’t have straps then it’s a safe bet that the heels would have gotten flung off during the strangulation and he would have gotten a view of her sexy black painted to nailed feet invaded in tan pantyhose sooner. He enjoyed both those sexy Latina women. He enjoyed them more than his girlfriend that he strangled and raped.

Other fetish elements:
Medical examinations, mother and daughter situation, confuse, surprise, mother finds dead daughter, long erotic strangulation with lots of pantyhose fetishes, knock out, strangulation with stockings, foot fetishes, dead poses


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