Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Black Crane

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Black Crane

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Description: 1991: You may consider this the beginning of the legend of a hit woman that for years has been well known. Well known by the government and the underworld. Her real name was Charlotte Bedlam. She was a young woman that was given a life sentence for a couple murders she committed. It was revenge for being screwed over. Her lover cheated on her. She murdered both the woman that her lover was cheating with and her lover. Death was strangulation with her own pantyhose. She also stuck a knife into their cunts. She is not one of those women that you piss off in any way. Plus she was a sexual sadist. “the company” came across her criminal file and liked what they read about her. She was a perfect candidate for a professional killer position. This is where her legend really begins. It was her first professional kill.

She sat and waited at her designated hotel for that special envelope. The envelope contained information for her first assignment. Her first hit! She sees it slipped through the door at midnight. She grabs it with anticipation and opens it up and sees the following info:

Target Name: Lucy Clifter

Age: 24

Home address: 31 kickter St.

Coltanier city

Family Status: She is the daughter of Senator Cameron Clifter

Age: 44

Orders: The client that ordered this hit wants the senator’s daughter to be taken out to show what happens when the person thinks corruption is a good way to go. The senator is into illegal doings. The client wants him to pay the price. Have the guilt eat him alive inside along with the loss of his daughter. This will have him come clean and be prosecuted. This is your first assignment. This will show how capable of a professional killer you can be. Take your target by any kill method you choose. Kill any witnesses.

She looked over the info a couple of times to figure out how she was going to strike. What she was going to use for a weapon of choice.

One morning Lucy’s dad went to work. Her mom was on a business trip. She hopped into the shower. While she was in the shower, there was the sound of a mirror getting broke into shards of glass. Lucy was unaware of the noise and the evil that was inside her house.

Lucy got out of the shower and walked into her bedroom barefoot. As soon as Lucy said out loud “wtf happened to my mirror”, she was grabbed from behind. Then the hit woman shoved a piece of glass through the back of Lucy’s scull. The tip exited her mouth. Eyes rolled back into her head. She was dead. She undid the bath towel from her corpse and let her drop face down onto the broken mirror that was all over her floor. She twisted her head so that her face was being reflected in a piece of the mirror. She stripped out of her black dress, pantyhose, and heels. She said “you know it’s been a long time since I got nude for another woman. Hehe.” She then grabbed Lucy’s dead and wet feet on her pussy. She got aroused to the point of an orgasm. To her that was her sexual release. She used to enjoy her lover’s feet rubbed on her pussy. actually preferred dead female feet rubbed on her pussy now.

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