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Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Reporting 2

Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Reporting 2

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Casey Calvert was still missing and Jessi was determined to get the story. She decided the best way was to set a trap by using a brand new reporter, Ashley as bait. She presented a false report claiming that Ashley had info about the killer.

Now, as Ashley walked though a darkened garage, she was a bit nervous and for good reason. Moments later, she is attacked, chloroformed, gagged, and taken to a remote location.

Water splashed in her face, she awakes disorientated and scared. The man, apparently an acquaintance of the person who kidnaped Casey interrogated her for info. Only, she had no real info. She was just a young, innocent new reporter and now she was in big trouble thanks to Jessi.

But the man does not believe her and relentlessly puts her through hell:

• Beating
•Tearing her Clothes Off
• Groping and Molesting Her
• Anchored to T-Cross
• Beat with Bat/Fists
• Unconscious
• Water in Face
• AOH on Lift
• Tazered
• Panties Sliced Off
• Nipples Twisted
• Forced Pussy Fingering
• Anal Fingering
• Glass Rod in Ass
• Anal Hook in Ass tied to Hair
• Freezing Water Dunking to Unconscious
• X-Frame
• Forced Orgasm
• Beer Bottle Insert
• Forced Oral
• Rape
• Strangled to Death

In the end, Ashley’s glistening, beat, raped, dead body is left sprawled out on a dirty mattress in an abandoned building for later disposal. She will never be found.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Beating, Torture, Hitting, Stripping, Baseball Bat, Tazer, Bottle Rape, AOH, T-Cross, X-Frame, Forced Orgasm, Suspension, Sexual Assault, Rape, Anal Fingering, Anal Glass Rod, Anal Hook, Water Dunking, Forced Sex, Garrote Strangling, Stockings, Body Views.

Deadly Reporting 2.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – All For Nothing

Peachy Keen Films – All For Nothing

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Kat Capone was an activist. She started her environmental consulting firm—a non-profit, to find and out the big companies that were causing problems in this world. And, recently, she and her crew found out something really bad. And, she was holding the proof in her hands.

After consulting with her assistant and good friend, she decided she would hide the document until she could consult their lawyer about steps to take for a media blast. This might be dangerous, and she wanted to be cautious to protect her employees. She instructed her assistant not to say anything to the others.

In the break room, the entire office–except for the new intern, were eating lunch. The conversation was light—even the nervous assistant managed to be calm. Suddenly two men in suits entered. They demanded to see Kat.

In the course of persuading them, the assistant, a office girl, and the new intern were killed. The 3 remaining girls lead the men to Kat’s office where it soon became a game of who’ll blink first.

Unfortunately, the men were armed and all can could do is try to remain strong. This only resulted in the death of another girl. She relented and gave up the document. The then killed another girl and now it was just Kat and her remaining employee who was trying her best to survive.

Kat decided to try something. She managed to seduce the pants of one of the men and sucked him for a while. But, he was soon bored with this and as soon as Kat stood up, he shot her. She fell down across her desk, the other girl sobbing over her–until the men shot her dead as well.

No, just Kat and another girl on the floor were struggling to live.

The men decided to have some fun. Kat is forced to suck cock, then stripped. Then both men are on her–one fucking her pussy, one her mouth. At some point during this, one of the men puts two more holes in Kat–finishing her off. The other girl on the floor is also shot dead.

As one man fucks Kat, the other man explores the girls, then select one, puts her up on the desk and messes with her. Both girls get fucked until they cum and are satisfied.

On their way out, they set a fire to eliminate any evidence of their presence.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Multi-Shooting, Crying, Begging, Pleading, Dragging, BJ, Forced BJ, Necro BJ, Forced Sex, Necro Sex, 2 on 1, Body Piles, Hosiery, Office Attire, Body Views.

All For Nothing.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Crystal Ball Beheadings

Peachy Keen Films – Crystal Ball Beheadings

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Mistress Casey gazed into her crystal ball, the swirling mists of time resisting her magical talent for seeing the many possible futures. Normally an adept and powerful seer, the shifting visions her mystical orb revealed to her made the patterns of fate more confusing. She saw herself wandering about her spacious abode, looking for something. Her skin tight rubber gown hugged her many curves, but also made it difficult to breath at times and compressed her gut terribly. It was her gut that troubled her, as it roiled, gassy pains disturbing the seductive sorceress. Bending over to find some relief, a fart trumpeted from her round posterior.

So the vision went, her searching fruitlessly and tooting out a miasma of intestinal fumes. Her quest leads her to the front door, unaware that it had been inscribed with a lethal sigil. Without warning, her head explodes in a gory plume. Her body remains standing for a few seconds and then falls, twitching, to the floor, a dark puddle of crimson forming as her lifeТs blood spurts from her neck. Then, the vision ended. УThat canТt be right.Ф she thinks, confident in her ability to detect such deadly enchantments. Focusing, she once more peers into the crystal ball.

The new vision shows her, again, wandering through her mansion, fearful and on guard. The sibilant sounds of her gassy gut incongruent with her awe inspiring beauty. Suddenly, a masked assailant holding a large ax appears behind her. Before she can react, he swings, decapitating the flatulent fortune teller. Again, her body falls, blood gushing from the stump where her head used to be. The vision ends with her body twitching and farting, as she quickly bleeds out.

Disgusted with these bizarre apparitions of the future, she discards the glassy globe and begins to walk away. A strange light stops her and she turns to see the crystal ball glowing brighter and brighter. As she bends down to look closer, a discharge of magical energy destroys her head in a shower of blood. The visions become reality, and the enchanting witch dies, her headless body shaking and farting, her blood leaking out to paint the floor around her.

Fetish Elements: Fart Fetish, Flatulence, Fetish Clothing, Tight Clothing, Magic, FX, Beheading, Blood.

Crystal Ball Beheadings.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Sinful Acts

Peachy Keen Films – Sinful Acts

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Little darling Angel is sleeping in her bed all snuggled up when her dad enters the room wanting to play. The dad, John, thinks Angel sleeps so soundly she wonТt even wake up.

Daddy licks her butt hole and gets her wet and ready to fucks and they do in different positions.

As Daddy fills Angels pussy with his come and puts her clothes back so she doesnТt suspect anything.

But as time passes Daddy John has an overbearing amount of guilt for his acts of incest with his daughter and so he figures the best way to rid the guilt would be to shoot Angel!

As Angel pleads for her life she takes her shirt off saying Уplease daddy IТll do whatever you want!Ф But this only enrages John further and he shoots her twice in the chest and she falls backwards on the bed.

Daddy John leaves her dead body on the bed as the blood drips from her gun wounds.

Sinful Acts.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Mistaken Identity

Peachy Keen Films – Mistaken Identity

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Two collage girls are getting ready to go to a function. They are all dressed up and about to head out. Then, a knock on the door reveals a man pointing a silenced gun at them.

They are in terror, on the couch, as the man grills them, asking questions they don’t know the answers to. Desperate, the man forces one of the girls to stand, points the gun at her, and starts to countdown. But the other girl has no idea what to say, so he shoot her roommate dead.

In horror, she witnesses her roommate collapse to the floor, wide eye death stare. The man then forced her to go over to her roommates body. He has her roll her, then start to strip her. He make her touch her breasts and pussy.

Then, he has her drag the body closer to him, so he can get a good view as he forces the girl to lick her dead friends pussy.

He gets a call from his bosses and realizes the girls did know anything because he was shadowing the wrong girls. He gives the bad news to the other girl, by shooting her in the chest. She collapses over her roommate–dead.

To mitigate this waste of time, he picks up the dead girl and tears open her pantyhose and panties and starts playing with her. He fucks her mouth, then fucks her.

He then goes over to the first girl. He bends her over oddly so that he can pile-drive her with his cock. After a bit, he takes her to the bed and merges her with the other girl. He switches back and forth, fucking them both, and moving them around. He finally cums on both girls.

He sticks their hands together with his cum–leaving them in a lovers embrace–though he knew, they were not lovers at all–or even sisters as he had first thought.. He didn’t care. Time to find the right sisters.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Shooting, Necro Fondling,Necro Pussy Licking, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Carrying, Body Manipulation, Posing, Stockings, Body Views.

Mistaken Identity.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Christmas Slut

Peachy Keen Films – Christmas Slut

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: The inebriated couple stumble into the exam room. Yes, it’s another Christmas Even at county hospital, and the place is packed with idiots galore.

The doctor comes in, does a quick check, gives the girl a shot to calm her down, then leave.

The couple proceeds to argue with each other, resulting in the guy forcing his slutting girlfriend to give him a blow-job.

Afterwards, they set about insulting each other until the guy can stand to hear her whine anymore and starts her in a drunk rage.

Suddenly, he falls to the floor. He gets back up, lunging at her, causing the whole exam table to go crashing down. They struggle on the floor, then he lifts her up agains the wall, her feet kicking freely below as her tongue lashes out for air.

Unable to hold her, they come crashing back down to the floor, where he sets about finishing her off. She fights and kicks wildly…her booted feet clacking on the floor as her legs spasm.

Then, she weakens and ultimately, after her eyes roll back in her head and tongue stretches out, she becomes still.

He looks at his bitch-slut girlfriend, then plays with her body for a bit. Ultimately, he lifts her up on the toppled exam table and fucks her lifeless corpse. A nice Christmas treat for him as she is NOT making any noise–a peaceful change.

Suddenly the doctor comes back in and chances him out with a pair of crutches.

Alone with the hot dead slut, he can’t thing of anything better to do then to fuck her too.

Everybody gets a present on this fine Christmas evening.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!

Note: Check out the outtakes after the credits.

Christmas Slut.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Fatal Destination

Peachy Keen Films – Fatal Destination

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Ginger at 19 was doing pretty good for herself. She had a great job as an accounting aide at a medium size company. She just got a nice used car the other day. And, she just got invited to a party…a nice way to end a Friday.

She was a bit over dressed, but it showed off her body well and you never know who one is going to meet at a party. She was driving through an unfamilair part of town when her new, used car broke down. She left her cell phone at work, so she walked–looking for some place she could use a phone.

Jake and Betty thought they scored big. They had been watching locations and this one recently had trucks unloading stuff. So, they broke in, looked around. It was an office–storage–computers….they would take whatever they could carry.

They heard a knock at the door and that is when their plans changed for the better.

They did not know who she was at first, but quickly established that she was lost and rolled with the scenario of trying to find a phone to call her a tow.

She was young, niave. She waited, small talk with Betty while Jake went out to get the “kit”.

What happened to Ginger for the next hour was right out of nightmare. She could never have expected it. No one would. What they did to her, well, lets just say, her death was the only mercy they showed.

Please check out the preview photos to get an idea, but let me just say this is raw, very emotional and very intense.

And as always, I hope you enjoy!!!

P.S. If your only wanting a good strangling and all the terror, torment, r-a-p-e, etc. is not your cup of tea, the strangling is awesome. I did it a little different then my normal. Besides the raw, rough rop being very, very tight, there are several catch and releases which just watching her react for those moments of reprieve is priceless. As she approaches death, her body suddenly goes into a fit is spasming, then she collapses–dead. The strangling is a bit over 6 minutes long, and afterwards some nice necro and body pans.

Contains: Violence, Teen/Young, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Hostage, Forced Blowjob, R A P E, Bottle R A P E, ANAL R A P E, ANAL R A P E w/ Glass Dildo, ANAL R A P E, , Forced Pussy Licking, Forced Fingering, Strap on R A P E/Anal. Garrote Strangle, DROOLING, Humiliation, Pass Around, Carrying, Dragging, Gag, Rough Rope, Cuffs, DRESS RIPPING, Begging, CRYING, Heels On Whole Time, Body Views.

Fatal Destination.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Peachy Keen Films – Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: She was an intern, and now his secretary. She been fucking him for months, but today, he told her it was time to end it. He was worried about his family. His daughter was now an intern as well and he was worried she would notice their relationship.

She did not take the news well, and decided to tell him the news. She was pregnant. Wash she really–who knows, but she could be—right? So, she told him, and he reacted as expected. So, she threatened to tell everyone, then proceeded to try and seduce him. But in the end, he had a better solution. He pulled out a gun and shot her twice in the chest—dropping her hard to the desk. She was dead.

He took the time to play with her one last time. He went around and fucked her mouth for a while. He liked to play with her stockings and rub his cock on her legs and feet. So he did that for a bit.

After he worked himself up, he started fucking her. After a few minutes his daughter walks in with a clipboard asking questions. Then she noticing him fucking his secretary and prepares to berate him. But, something is wrong with her.

Before she can figure it out, her father pulls out the gun and shoots her right through the clipboard she is holding into her right breast. She is shock, but as no time to react as he shoots her again in the left breast, killing her instantly—she slides down the wall to the floor.

He hated interruptions and realized he just took care of two problems. Now, he felt he should definitely take advantage of this situation. It was unlikely to happen ever again.

He gathered his dead daughter up and laid her next to his dead secretary. After playing with his daughters socking-clad feet for a moment, he slipped his cock into her tight teenage pussy and fucked her. Then he switched back to his secretary and fucked her until he came.

Finally, he went around and deep kissed both girls before leaving to gather his thoughts.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Taboo/Incest, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Multi Shooting, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Foot/Stocking Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Taking Advantage Of The Situation.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Tasty Teenager

Peachy Keen Films – Tasty Teenager

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: On the day of her 18th birthday, a hard-body, wealthy, California teenager arrives for a private massage session. A gift from her daddy.

Little does she know, that she has been raised healthy and beautiful to become the main course in a private feast. The messieurs was in charge of giving her one last give before ending her life.

She disrobed and layed on the table. He started out slowly, but gave her the necessary hints to move things along. Soon, he was having sex with this young beauty. It would be her last time.

When they were done and she was momentarily distracted, he rendered her unconscious.

She awoke upside-down in a dark dingy room. She was able to make out a camera–was this being recorded? Then, the man who massaged and gave her the best orgasm she ever had in her young life, was putting duct tape across her mouth. She was ****** to breath out her nose, but not for long. He took out a metal clip and punched her nose shut.

She realized she could not breath and started to freak out. Her body swang vigorously too and fro.

The man check the feed. He was streaming her death to the dinner party. Tonight, they would feast on this lovely morsel.

She continued to swing about and jerk her arms and whole body. She did everything she could to try and live, but the world was fading. Soon, she found she only had thoughts of her fading existence and tears welled up as she thought—no-no-no…..

And finally, with a last little jerk, she was still. Dead.

He removed the duct tape and pinchers. He looked at her. So peaceful. He caressed her body, spin her around, tasted her still wet pussy.

Later, he had her spread on his chief table and oiled her up. He examined every nice and naughty place on this tasty teenager. He positioned her several ways, used his fingers all over and especially played with her oiled up pussy.

Finally, she was ready for the oven, stuffed, legs trussed up, and an apple in her mouth.

Hooray for this tasty teenager.

Contains: Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjob, Fingering, Sex, Inverted Suspension, , Body Flopping, Body Posing, Oil, Necro Licking, Necro Fingering, Bare Feet, Girl Meat, Body Views.

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Peachy Keen Films – Body Burglar

Peachy Keen Films – Body Burglar

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: A man steals a dead body from a crime scene. He takes her home & fucks the corpse. After he cums, he plays with the body.

Body Burglar.mp4

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